Effective training techniques, consistent results!

Training philosophies align with the guiding principles of the Pet Professional Guild, which includes, no pain, force, or fear, to get consistent results and positive behaviors.  This means never using or recommending the use of shock collars, choke collars, prong or pinch collars, leash checks, alpha rolls, scruff shakes, striking a dog,  or putting a dog in situations where they may become stressed and lash out.  Continuing education is a priority to ensure methods are up-to-date with the latest in scientific studies, via blogs, seminars, and webinars.

If you have a shock collar, choke collar, or prong collar, view the Project Trade tab to learn how to trade them in for discounted training! 

Ariel and Halligan

Ariel has been training dogs for over 10 years.  A a child, she worked with her parents' Belgian Malinois mix.  She also worked with dogs belonging to friends and family. 

In 2014, she rescued Halligan, a lab mix that was very sick and underweight.  After months of rigorous veterinary treatment, Halligan made a full recovery.  Soon after, Ariel began having health issues of her own.  Halligan then began his training as a working dog.  Today he serves as a medical alert dog and has made a huge impact on Ariel's life and well-being.

Ariel and Halligan have earned many trick titles, manners titles, stunt dog titles, and enjoy competing in rally, competition obedience, and agility. 

In 2017, Ariel joined the Pet Professional Guild as a force-free trainer, holding to beliefs she had of training dogs without pain, force, or fear. 

Certifications and Titles Currently Held (updated regularly)

Ariel's Certifications and Titles

Professional Canine Trainer Accredited- PCT-A

Certified Trick Dog Instructor- CTDI

Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach- CCFC

Stunt Dog Judge (SDJ)

All-Star Team Captain (not currently active)- ASTC

Canine Good Citizen Evaluator- CGC Evaluator

Pet Dog Ambassador Instructor/Assessor

Be a Tree Presenter

Pet CPR and First Aid

Halligan's Titles

Canine Good Citizen- CGC

Community Canine- CGCA

Urban Canine Good Citizen- CGCU

Novice Trick Dog- NTD

Intermediate Trick Dog- ITD

Advanced Trick Dog- ATD

Expert Trick Dog- ETD

Trick Dog Champion- TDCH

AKC Trick Dog Performer- TKP

Novice Stunt Dog- NSD

Open Stunt Dog- OSD

Proven Stunt Dog- PSD

Professional Stunt Dog- SDPro

Rally Novice- RN

AKC Achiever Dog

Beginner Novice (Obedience)- BN